Friday, July 10, 2009


Howdy doo!
If anyone is still looking at this from time to time,well,I decided to write a line or two...just things that have caught my fancy in the past few days.

First, almost former Gov. Sarah Palin. She is done. That was crazy, and she is as goofy as ever.

Michael Jackson. ( I just did not want to lead with Michael Jackson.) The whole thing seems rather sad to me. I will admit to thinking maybe he had molested those boys. But, now I don't think so.
I don't quite understand why he would want his children to go to a home where his father still lived. Assuming, the physical and emotional abuse are true, that baffles me. And, just looking at Michael Jackson, I believe the emotional charges.
Just sad, all of it.

I have been on facebook, well, alot. Seems to have taken the place of the least for awhile. I suspect I will be back. When I am tired of Farm Town.


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e. said...

i still check from time to time... happy to see you back.